GoVR combines art with technology to produce the most immersive and visually engaging virtual tours. We are the largest and most experienced Matterport provider in Belgium.


3D Scanning & Virtual Tour

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Our mission is help our customers visually market their properties in an immersive and captivating style. In addition, we offer complete coloured point clouds and 2D photography of any job.

 house  Residential Real Estate

When home sellers see that you’ll be advertising their property in virtual 3D, they’ll know their listing is going to stand out in the market. Using a 3D showcase by GoVR makes you their top choice to list their property.

house2 Safety and Security

Use for Safety/Security Procedures & Training: Share yours scans with area first-responders so they know where to go in an emergency.

public Public Venues

It’s hard to conceptualize how large or small a space is just from photos. Whether you have a theater, wedding venue, museum, art gallery or any other public venue, draw people in even before they visit.

148908 Construction

Construction managers can share before and after photos and 3D Virtual Tours. Remote clients and teams can see a project’s status and get details for making design and purchasing decisions.

hos Hospitality

Hotel Managers, Innkeepers, and Vacation Rental Owners can now let potential guests explore rooms, suites, or amenities in vivid 3D before they make a decision. Impress your guests before they arrive for their stay! 

insurc Insurance Documentation

Adjusters can capture detailed cost replacement data in visually rich, immersive 3D. Document damage and repairs, or scan a property to document valuables.

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